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To grade, or not to grade...

Hey fellow collectors,

We get it—there's nothing quite like the thrill of finding that perfect card to complete your collection. But we also know that taking your collection to the next level means ensuring those prized cards are graded and protected. That's why we have decided to officially offer these services to everyone keen to take the next step in their collecting journey.

At 1Collectibles, we're just as passionate about card collecting as you are. Hence, we're offering top-notch card grading services through some of the best names in the business: PSA, Beckett, and CGC. Whether you're looking to authenticate a rare find, preserve a sentimental piece, or maximize the value of your collection, we've got you covered!

Our Grading Partners

  • PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator): Known for their precise grading and detailed authentication process, PSA is a trusted name in the card grading world.

  • Beckett Grading Services (BGS): Renowned for their strict grading criteria and excellent reputation, Beckett offers a robust evaluation of your cards.

  • CGC (Certified Guaranty Company): A newer but rapidly growing name in the card grading community, CGC provides reliable and consistent grading services.

    There are several factors to consider in the choice of grading company you might wish to send your cards to, for example, perceived market value, aesthetics, etc. If you are ever unsure or wish to get a comprehensive breakdown or opinions on the ideal choice on which grading company to choose, feel free to head down to our store to make an inquiry.

    How does it work?

    1. Submit Your Cards: Bring your cards to our store. Our staff can give a general appraisal and recommendation* for the condition of your cards and guide you through the submission process.

    2. Choose Your Grading Service: Select which grading company you’d like to use—PSA, Beckett, or CGC. 

    3. Leave the Rest to Us: We'll handle the shipping and ensure your cards reach their destination safely.

    4. Receive Your Graded Cards: Once graded, your cards will be returned to you, complete with their new, shiny grade and encapsulation.

    *Please note that our appraisal is not an official grade and does not represent the actual grade from the grading service. It’s just a friendly opinion to help you get started!

        How much will it cost?


        We’re collectors too, so we understand the importance of trust and reliability. Our team is dedicated to making the grading process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Plus, we’re always here to chat and share our collecting stories.

        So, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your collection journey, let 1Collectibles help you take care of your treasured cards. Come on down, and let’s get those cards graded!


        1Collectibles Team



        On Grading ---

        How long do I normally have to wait?


        The turnaround times for grading are largely dependent on the level of demand for the associated grading companies. The expected turnaround times will be made known to you before your submission.


        What courier services do you use?


        We trust DHL Express for all our card-grading shipments. Given the international scope of grading companies like PSA, Beckett, and CGC, we wanted a courier that could handle global logistics with the utmost care. 


        What about insurance in the case of a missing delivery?


        As we value cost-effectiveness and believe in providing a competitive price to you, we therefore do not insure the packages. As the needs and the demands of the community grow, we intend to establish an insurance policy with a suitable insurance provider - which may incur additional costs in the grading process. There is also an option to arrange a grading order and pay for the insurance yourself, head on down to the store and chat with one of our staff - they'll explain the process to you.

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